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Denver Metro Unemployment Rate March 2021: 8.3%

     (Source: metrodenver.org, click here)

Colorado State Unemployment Rate February 2021: 6.6%

      (Source: United States Department of Labor, click  here)

Federal Reserve Definition of Full-Employment: 3.5-4.5%

     (Source: The Federal Reserve, click here)

job seekers, if you are interested in being INCLUDED on jeff's list:

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Jeff's list is completely free for job seekers.  It was developed to allow those who are fully employed a means of placing their credentials online, while protecting their identity.  

Placing your resume online while working full-time can jeopardize your current employment.  Even when a resume is posted confidentially, it is not difficult to figure out the company and the person behind the resume.  Quickly updating your profile on professional social networks can also be a telltale sign that an employee may be looking for a new opportunity.  Jeff's list was developed to provide those who are gainfully employed a means of placing their professional profile and credentials online without jeopardizing their current employment.

How it works:

1.) To be on Jeff's List, you must be employed full-time and work in one of our areas of expertise: finance, accounting, tax, audit, treasury, public accounting, and human resources.

2.) Send us your resume in Word format and include a brief note telling us you would like to be on Jeff's List. Please include your current compensation, including base pay and any bonuses and incentives.  (click here)

3.) You will receive a response from our team, with a high level write-up of your skill set for use on Jeff's List (your identity will remain anonymous).

4.) You must email us back with any necessary edits for your personal write-up.  

5.) You must give us written approval for your write-up.  Even if everything is acceptable with the first draft, you must send an email with written approval of your write-up.  Until we receive an email with approval, your write-up will not be included on Jeff's List. 

6.) Your profile will be assigned a candidate code and JC Porter will be the only ones who know your identity. 

7.) Your write-up will be included on the next Jeff's List newsletter.  The Jeff's List newsletter goes out mid-month, to roughly 20,000 professionals in the Denver Metro area.

8.) When the Jeff's List newsletter goes out, your confidential profile and candidate code will be placed on the Jeff's List job board (this site).

​9.) When an employer responds to Jeff's List and is interested in your background (based on your candidate code), we will email you and ask if you would like us to forward your resume for consideration.  If you decline, it ends there - we will never pressure you.

10.) Your write-up will stay on the Jeff's List job board until we help you find a new position.

​**Remember**  We require an email from you with permission to share your resume, for every company that inquires about your background.  We will NEVER​ share your resume, until we receive an email with your permission.

Jeff's List is a product of JC Porter professional search services.  To learn more about JC Porter, please click here.

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